股权事务副总监 & Inclusion Sarah Na has been developing and teaching identity curriculum across the GA community for the past two years. Her teaching background (14 years in the 较低的学校) has provided her with a strong foundation of empathy and clarity in the important work GA has committed to in its 战略眼光, 她为GA教员的工作方式感到骄傲, 员工, and students have taken this opportunity to grow in self-awareness and appreciation for one another as a diverse community.
罗某最近在家长委员会会议上主持了一个关于身份认同的研讨会, and then oversaw a similar activity in the 上学校 where student leaders peer-facilitated discussions. 下面她回答了有关“Step In”活动的问题, 《vwin娱乐场官方》——以及为什么她觉得这本书很有影响力和重要.



Q: This activity was about raising awareness about student identities and lived experiences in our GA community. 我们相信,当我们了解自己的身份时, we can have greater appreciation and respect for other people’s identities. 为什么这对学生来说是一项重要的技能?
A: It is critical for our students to have cultural competency skills to engage in a global world where they will need to communicate and connect with people from all different backgrounds. These soft skills will help them successfully navigate their college experience and whatever career path they choose.  
A:我们今天有三个目标. 1. Learn more about who is in our community; 2. Grow in empathy by stepping into someone else’s experience; 3. Have a greater appreciation for the human experiences that are in our community.
Q: Why do you feel having “社区 Agreements” are important before starting an exercise like this?
1. Be More Curious Than Certain- It is more important to ask questions and learn than to have all of the answers.
2. 倾听理解——做一个积极的倾听者,尽量保留自己的判断.
3. 占有空间,创造空间——承担风险并做出贡献. 分享谈话时间,这样每个人都有机会交谈.
4. 学习,留下故事——不要重复别人分享的东西.
5. Go Get Your Learning- This is an opportunity for you to learn so make the most of it.
A: There is an element of vulnerability when students are engaging in discussion about identity, so it is important to set the tone and some ground rules for respectful engagement.  

Q: What were you hoping that the opening question – “On your blank piece of paper, write up to five adjectives to describe a “typical” GA upper school student.——这对学生来说就够了?
A: This initial prompt was to help students think about what stereotypes they may have about a “typical GA upper school student.然后,他们会在“介入”之后反思自己的假设, 外出活动 where each student anonymously represented someone else's experiences based off of a checklist. 在小组中, students discussed how their initial thoughts may have been challenged by the diverse experiences that students identified with during the Step In, 外出活动.

Q: Was there a vulnerability among the students who have never thought about their peers in this way before?
A:是的,我相信从事这种活动会有一些不舒服. 然而, our student leaders did an excellent job setting the tone and leading their Houses into a learning space.

问:你认为学生们对这个活动感到惊讶的是什么? How do you think students knowing about someone’s lived experiences will impact their engagement now with their peers?
A: 学生 were surprised that diversity is not only about race and culture. 如此多的生活经历塑造了我们是谁以及我们如何表现. High school is a time when most students want to blend in and not be noticed for how they may be different. 然而, differences are what make us who we are and shape our perspectives. 这些观点丰富了我们在课堂内外的学习. I am hopeful that students got this message through the experience and will create more space and value for their peers.  
A: I believe peer facilitation is an excellent way for students to hone their leadership skills and would like to continue offering opportunities for training and empowering students to engage with one another around topics they feel are important to their community.  

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